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Upcoming Events

Summer Youth Pre-employment Training Program – Free Registration

We are thrilled to offer the 2020 Summer Youth Pre-employment Training for eligible youth between ages 14-21 Years old with a 504 Plan or Individual Education Plan(IEP). As a part of this year’s program, youth participants will have the opportunity to engage in the following workshops and trainings:

  • Job Exploration Counseling
  • Work Readiness Training
  • Counseling on Comprehensive Transition or post-secondary education
  • Resume Development
  • Self-Advocacy Traning
  • Engage in Mock Interviews
  • Learn Job Searching Skills
  • Guest Speakers from various profession

Please note that lunch and snacks will be provided daily for all program participants. Additionally, students will receive certification upon completion and a $5.00 gift card upon completion of the training

For additional information, contact:

Moresa Culbreath

Executive Director


(407) 439-2437

Please Complete The Registration Form Below Completely.

Upcoming Events